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Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

Woven (woventeams.com) is a Series A SaaS startup on a mission to eliminate the gap between talent and opportunity. Do you believe that software engineering is more about problem-solving than about coding? Do you think hiring should be about holistic engineering problem-solving rather than leetcode, credentials, and who you know? We agree!

We figured out how to build async work simulations that are more than just code. Our customers use Woven to replace the most biased parts of the interview process to give all candidates a fair chance.

1 out of 3 hires are Hidden Gems who would have been missed and 100 out of 100 candidates get detailed, actionable feedback on their work.

This is a unique (honestly, kind of weird) role for a staff-level software engineer. You’ll have the opportunity to fundamentally change the job search and hiring process for thousands of engineers.

About You

Over your career, you’ve lovingly crafted take-home exercises and technical interviews, but found yourself wishing that you could justify more time doing that. You might have even used game design principles to make those more engaging. You probably have an irrational love of rubrics and a hate for bias. You’ve definitely felt constrained by the existing tooling that makes it impossible to create your dream technical interview experience.

In this role, you’ll obliterate those constraints.

The Problem You’ll Own

So far, we’ve figured out how to create dozens of short async scenarios that are actually worthy of senior engineers. Think debugging live systems, designing new ones, and collaborating on technical topics, instead of just coding. The most common reaction from engineers who try our scenarios is surprise at how much they enjoy them. Even more, we’ve figured out how to evaluate those scenarios consistently (<1.5% error rate) at scale using rubrics and machine learning.

But that scenario creation has been bespoke. Hand-crafted. Artisanal. Small batch.

To eliminate the gap between talent and opportunity, we must build a platform that supports the same level of scenario quality at scale. That’s where you come in.

The platform you build will guide engineers through the process of building eye-poppingly-good scenarios that are consistently scored and generate detailed feedback to candidates. That includes steps like timebox calibration, prompt refinement, rubric creation, rubric calibration, hand-labeled data collection, and ML classifier creation.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it)

  • Build the scenario creation platform
  • Work inside the platform enough to understand the edges to polish
  • Support a (small) team of Scenario Content Engineers who are the initial users of the platform

Experience you have

  • You’ve created take-home or work sample tests for assessing developers
  • You probably have 7+ years of professional software engineering experience
  • You have experience with the traditional BigTech hiring process
  • You’ve worked in different areas of the stack (e.g. front end, backend, mobile)
  • You’re a polyglot, familiar with both dynamic and statically typed languages
  • Most of our current stack is Ruby, JavaScript, Python, and React. Our scenarios are in All The Languages

Bonus points

  • I/O Psychology (validation, rubrics, etc.)
  • Game design or creation background

What’s in it for you

  • Radical transparency: company financials, compensation, strategy, etc
  • Fully remote work at a remote-first company with flexible hours
  • Annual cash compensation
  • Significant equity (and the info to fairly value that equity) in a high-growth startup
  • Unlimited PTO with 38 days off minimum
  • Employer-sponsored health insurance
  • 401(k) plan w/ match
  • 8 weeks 100% paid parental leave at 1 year
  • A tech stipend for great gear, home office improvements, and extracurricular learning
  • A passionate team of co-conspirators

One of our customers said: “Woven is 100% the best money we’ve ever spent. We wouldn't have the great teammates we have now without Woven.” And check out our G2Crowd reviews (g2.com/products/woven/) to hear from developers who have taken a Woven assessment.

Let's make hiring work for everyone!

Remote-First Culture

As an international remote-first company spread across time zones, we define Collaboration Hours, loosely centered on US Eastern time.

To ensure fast iteration, product development team members are available for (advanced) scheduling during Collaboration Hours to pair program, brainstorm, give feedback, etc. Outside of Collaboration Hours, Wovers sets their schedule based on their most productive times for focus.

Collaboration Hours:

  • San Francisco: 7am - 11am (US West)
  • New York: 10am - 2pm (US Eastern)
  • Sao Paulo: noon - 4pm (GMT-3)
  • Buenos Aires: noon - 4pm (GMT-3)
  • Warsaw: 4pm - 8pm (Central European Standard Time)

Woven is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, orientation, national origin, age, disability, or genetics.